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After watching Bubba Ho-Tep, I am now ready for the just slightly almost announced Freddy vs. Jason vs……


CNN Article Here….

Yes, that is cool. Yes, that is also stupid. But yes, that is cool.

Take Freddy vs. Jason. Who actually liked that movie? I didn’t, and I haven’t even bothered to watch it yet. But it gave us two very important thoughts to ponder.

Why……. Why are Freddy and Jason still around?
Who……. Who will get rid of them forever?

Freddy and Jason are still around because their creators have not come up with a proper way to kill them off for good. They’re still around because people still watch the movies. They’re still around because they haven’t met Ash.

Ash is finally ready to rid the world of them forever, and he will kick the crap out of them with his boomstick.

And yeah….

I was more pumped up about it when I started, now I ran out of steam. So, the “serious” stuff. Sam Raimi won’t be directing it….that’s bad. I’m not sure if anybody can capture the true character of Ash besides Raimi. But, there’s no way they would use Ash without Bruce Campbell, so it will be close to perfect. It will definitely have too large of a budget and will definitely bomb at the box office. But that’s okay… It will be a B-movie and shouldn’t be intended to make millions, it will be better if it doesn’t.

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