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Inspired Wage Logic

You may like reading the article at this website:

“What if we doubled the minimum wage?”

Total pure explicit logic………  how can you argue?  This isn’t even one of those concepts that requires the government to step in and regulate.  All this requires is a couple creative thinkers at the top of Walmart or some other large company and everybody wins.  Just ask IKEA what happens when you treat people right….  Walmart would come out on top, they’re employees would come out on top, the rest of the country could follow, everybody is a lot happier…. 

Get college executives (Cutting Harvard Tuition by $5000) to follow suit and all of a sudden you have a happy and educated population that can afford to live and enjoy life.

There is absolutely no reason anybody needs to make as much money as some of these people do.  Honestly, what’s the difference between even $500,000/year and $30mil/year???

Absolutely nothing but $29,500,00 of waste.

“You’re telling me that you wouldn’t take 30mil/year?”  


What am I going to do with that?  Sit on my ass all year and spend, spend, spend…  Sure, all that spending, as I walk down the aisles at the local store feeling like a total ass because the guy checking me out isn’t making enough to afford car insurance……. right…  I’d get kicks from that every day.

You may have noticed that all three of those links were to the same person’s website…  I would provide a wider variety of references, but what part of that didn’t make sense enough?  He also provides links to his original articles on each post, read as you wish……

And to top it off, it’s the creator of, you know he’s not going to get it wrong…..