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Explicit Logic Defined – Part II (The Reason)

Why bother….  What’s the point of trying to define a philosophy to life with simple logic? 

Well, because I think it can be done, that’s all there is to it.  I’ve racked my brain over and over again trying to figure out reasons for this not to apply to everything that I do, and I can’t.  There’s only one thing that comes close to not fitting, and that’s love.  When it comes down to it though, the fact that it makes no sense is logical,  therefore it fits into the “follow your emotions and damn the consequences” category.

What’s so logical about that? 

Well, refer to example two below, “I want to have a happy life.  I only live once…..”

If we do what makes us happy, we’ll be happy.  If you’re busy damning the consequences and following your emotions, then you’re living life and that makes perfect sense.

Doesn’t this kind of take the fun out of life, if everything is the same as 1+1=2?

No, that’s what makes it fun.  Once you realize how to deal with everything that you run into, then it leaves more time for dealing with situations that you want to run into.  This isn’t a sterile, clean-cut, boring outlook on what’s to come.  Surprises are still around every corner.

In fact, if you give those three examples a shot, life starts to kick ass a lot more.  This isn’t about the standard “wake up, drive car to work, stay at work to afford car, drive car home, sleep” logic that just keeps you alive long enough to die. 

This is about the “wake up, look at the sky, drive to work while listening to your favorite band, work with people that you want to work with doing what you want to do, drive home with your hand out the window, sit on the porch enjoying the breeze and talking with friends, going to sleep to late” logic that keeps you alive long enough to enjoy living more.

Why bother….  What’s the point of blogging all your ramblings about “explicit logic”, who cares? 

Hmmm, who knows, what’s the point of writing down anything?  I figure that if I’m going to be writing it down anyway (it helps to sort out the thoughts), then why not post it so that everybody can read.  Good enough reason?

In reality, it’d be cool to find people that think the same way about things, or even people that think it’s completely wrong.  Conversation is one of my favorite things, so if nothing else, this could be an interesting topic.

What else is going to go here now that this is out of the way?

You can see the first two posts didn’t exactly fit the perfect mold of the second two… That’s because there is no perfect mold.  I’m going to try my best not to post anything based on solid opinion only.  Of course, most of the things I’ll put on here will be related to an opinion that I have, but I’ll try to explain it logically (in my mind) with facts so that it should make sense to both sides.