Jeremy Felt

music… guitars… life

have I mentioned that I love playing music?

I love playing music in the morning, when I’m tired and need something to wake me up… no matter how tired I am, it does not get old…

I love playing music in the afternoon, when the day is in full swing and I need a break, or when it’s a day off and it’s sunny and breezy outside and I can sit on the porch writing a song about how great it is….

I love playing music at night because it’s so mysterious and calm, almost necessary for some kind of theme music…

I love playing music when I’m in a good mood… It enhances the goodness and makes me happy longer.

I love playing music when I’m in a sad mood… It helps me get through what I’m feeling down about or when necessary expresses my feelings enough that I’m comfortable being sad at that moment..

I love playing music by myself.  What I think in my head while I’m playing could keep me going all day.

I love playing music with other people. The energy created between a group of people that have gotten into a grove is inspiring.. .

I love playing music in front of people.  Sharing my soul is exciting and frightening at the same time…. trying to send the message of the song across with your instrument is an experience not soon forgotten…

I love writing songs for people I know even if they’ll never hear them…

I love sharing songs with people I know that I’ve written about them…

I love writing songs.
I love playing music.
I love listening to music.
I love watching music.
I love learning music.
I love living music.


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