Every time I look at my home page I’m irritated by its layout, so I’m removing almost everything and writing something instead.

I’m making an ongoing attempt to share thoughts weeklyโ€”and doing very poorly in 2021!โ€”with the A regular gathering of thoughts and their friends series. Just kidding, it’s now A weekly note.

Last year’s Thoughts for the week’s end series went much better. I also shared a bunch of thoughts for the first few months of the pandemic in A Covid-19 Log. There’s probably more to be said in that series. There are also many years of embarrassing posts waiting in the general archive.

I try to enjoy writing some kind of annual review or reflection each year. A full list of this is maintained on my years in review page.

A fun recent thing for me is using Notes to post short content that would normally end up on Twitter. It’s powered by my Shortnotes plugin that you should use too.

Webmentions are supported throughout the site, so feel free to reply to anything from your piece of the web.

And! I’m just getting started with Foggy Garden, my commonplace book or digital garden or whatever fun term you’d like to call a place on the web that contains your brain.

I’ve successfully left Facebook and Instagram. I am still on Twitter, Swarm, Untappd, and Goodreads. At least two of those are always teetering on the edge and I’m always thinking of how to get rid of them all.

If you’d like to contact me, email and Twitter are probably easiest. My email address shows up on my GitHub profile if you’re signed in. That’s my funny way of linking to my GitHub profile and not having my email address listed on this website. Sorry not sorry!

If you’d like to work together, please reach out through Happy Prime. We’re always happy to chat and I will definitely see those emails. ๐Ÿป